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Are you considering your first ever visit to Martinique in the Caribbean? This page provides a brief overview of Martinique for first timers, including maps of the surrounding islands, and live webcams to view the scenic views and current weather.

Map of Martinique, Caribbean Islands

One of the island’s premier excursions, Le Jardin de Balata is situated a short distance from Fort-de-France’s city along the vital Trace road, which also leads to Saint Pierre, a historic landmark in Martinique. A remarkable collection of tropical plants has been assembled by horticulturist and Garden creator Jean-Philippe Thoze. An exquisite cocktail in an environment fit for the world’s best landscape painters. It is one of the most beautiful and enchanting places in Martinique. You can even experience the history of La Savane des Esclaves, The Slave Savanna, which shows the way of life of the Amerindians before the arrival of the Europeans, the period of slavery in great detail without taboos, and the way of life in the countryside following the abolition of slavery until the 1960s. With many cultural experiences, Martinique offers something new for all visitors to experience.

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For breathtaking views and crystal-clear waters, spend a leisurely day at La Baignoire de Josephine or Plage Des Salines. Martinique’s two most visited beaches are at these two sites. They have everything you need, whether your preference is to laze on the beach or participate in water sports. Enjoy Martinique’s delectable cuisine, which combines French and Creole elements to create a distinctive culinary experience, as the day concludes. Savor regional specialties like boudin créole (Creole blood sausage), accras de morue (cod fritters), and colombo de poulet (chicken curry). You may also indulge in rum cocktails created with rum that is produced nearby. Everyone can find something enjoyable. Everyday activities range from exploring the island’s history to relaxing on its luxurious beaches.

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Live Webcams

View live webcams in Martinique and check the current weather, beach activity and enjoy outstanding scenic views and spectacular sunsets. It’s not the same as being here but it’s a great way to daydream from far away!

Martinique Average Temperatures

Wondering what the average weather temperatures are in Martinique? View the average daily highs and lows including the average ocean temperature per month.

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Map of Martinique

Martinique Average Temperatures

Use this weather chart as a guide to view the average air and ocean temperatures in Martinique.

The average air temperature in the summer varies between 85-90 degrees. The spring and fall varies between 80-85 degrees. The average air temperature in the winter varies between 75-80 degrees.

Even during the warmest days, you can expect a slight to moderate ocean breeze to temper the heat. The temperature variations in the Caribbean are surprisingly minimal.

Hurricane season starts in June, ends in November, and peaks in September. Keep up with the latest weather forecasts and warnings from local authorities.

Average Monthly Temperatures

Average High Average Low Average Ocean Temp

Average high, low and ocean temperatures in Martinique. Sources: Accuweather,, NOAA