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The Beach is Calling!

Give me a beach chair, a cold drink and some background tunes – and I can pretty much lay there all… day… long!


If you are a beach-person, you probably get it. For many of us, the beach is a place to escape, a place to unplug, a place to get away from it all. The beach has a calming effect. The smell of the salt air, the warm sun, and the sand between our toes puts the mind at ease. During “beachtime”, life seems to simply slow down and that’s good for the soul.

That’s why we created LiveBeaches, an easy-to-use website to check-in on your favorite beach webcam, when you miss it the most.

What We Do

Webcams have proved to be a popular addition to many beach vacation destinations, and it can be a great marketing tool for businesses in the tourism industry. Webcams provide live weather updates, surf conditions, scenic views of beach and boardwalk, sunrises, sunsets, and more. We aim to round up the most popular beach webcams around the world and make them available to everyone in one easy-to-use website. We frequently update our site to make it easy to keep tabs on your favorite beaches.

Popular Beaches in the U.S.

How to contact us

If you have questions or feedback, send us an email.

We’re glad you found us, stop by anytime to check-in on your favorite beach webcam!