Oceanside, California

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Seaside is a popular destination with quick access to interesting nearby locations. Mile-wide sandy beaches and historic sites coexist with a dash of street art and top-notch culinary skills in this location. Where you may ride the waves, enjoy a sun-kissed, salt-soaked day on the sand, or watch whales. Oceanside is a lighthearted community that loves to enhance leisure time activities.

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Indulge in outdoor pursuits like hiking, biking, and golfing, as well as aquatic sports like kayaking, surfing, and boating. Enjoy live history, street art, top-notch museums, and professional entertainment. There’s enough to keep everyone occupied, whether they choose to watch things from inside or outside. You can even arrange to spend one or more days visiting nearby attractions, such as Disneyland, which is located 57 miles away, or Legoland, which is located 8 miles away. Either location is a fantastic place to spend a vacation.

Oceanside, California

Enjoy a meal outside while shopping to cap off the day. Everyone may enjoy a wide range of shopping possibilities in Oceanside. Come as you are to the come-as-you-are dining scene, which features everything from locally produced farm foods and award-winning sustainable seafood to craft beer and coal-fired pizza to cap off the day. When visiting Oceanside, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

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View live webcams from Oceanside and check the current weather, beach activity and enjoy outstanding scenic views and spectacular sunsets. It’s not the same as being here but it’s a great way to daydream from far away!

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Oceanside, CA Average Temperatures

Wondering what the average weather temperatures are in Oceanside? View the average daily highs and lows including the average ocean temperature per month.

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Oceanside, California Average Temperatures

Use this weather chart as a guide to view the average air and ocean temperatures in Oceanside, CA.

The average air temperature in the summer varies between 75-80 degrees.

The average ocean temperature in the summer varies between 65-70 degrees.


Average Monthly Temperatures

Average High Average Low Average Ocean Temp

Average high, low and ocean temperatures in Oceanside. Sources: Accuweather, Weather.com, NOAA Climate.gov.