Relax & Unwind in Cuba


Discover the Caribbean Islands – and all it has to offer

Are you considering your first ever visit to Cuba in the Caribbean? This page provides a brief overview of Cuba for first timers, including maps of the surrounding islands, and live webcams to view the scenic views and current weather.

Map of Cuba, Caribbean Islands

Visiting Cuba can be an amazing adventure, the country is rich in history, offers a vibrant culture, and features unforgettable sightseeing. But there are a few important things you should know before you go. Make sure you understand the travel requirements and restrictions before planning your trip, and accommodations can vary from basic to luxurious. It would be helpful to learn some basic Spanish phrases to ease the language barrier. The vast majority of Cubans speak Spanish or Cuban Spanish.

Cuba, Caribbean Islands, Resort Beach Vacations - Live Beaches
Photo Credit: Cuba Travel Tourism

Cuba is well-known for its amazing beaches, dance music such as the Salsa and Mambo, and its Cuban cigars and Cuban espresso. 1. Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean making it the populated country of all the Caribbean Islands.

Is there Wifi in Cuba? Yes there is WiFi, but it can be quite limited. Internet connectivity in Cuba has improved in recent years. The best spots are in hotel lobbies or cafes. Most Cubans and visitors connect to the internet in Cuba through public hotspots in Havana and across Cuba.

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Live Webcams

View live webcams in Cuba. Check the current weather, beach activity and enjoy outstanding scenic views and spectacular sunsets. It’s not the same as being here but it’s a great way to daydream from far away!

25 Best Beach Webcams Caribbean
Browse our list of 25 Best Webcams in the Caribbean Islands and see what’s happening live at the beach. Check the current weather, surf conditions, and beach activity. Enjoy live streaming views of your favorite beaches in the Caribbean.

Map of Cuba

Cuba Average Temperatures

Use this weather chart as a guide to view the average air and ocean temperatures in Cuba.

The average air temperature in the summer varies between 85-90 degrees. The spring and fall varies between 80-85 degrees. The average air temperature in the winter varies between 75-80 degrees.

Even during the warmest days, you can expect a slight to moderate ocean breeze to temper the heat. The temperature variations in the Caribbean are surprisingly minimal.

Hurricane season starts in June, ends in November, and peaks in September. Keep up with the latest weather forecasts and warnings from local authorities.

Average Monthly Temperatures

Average High Average Low Average Ocean Temp

Average high, low and ocean temperatures in Cuba. Sources: Accuweather,, NOAA

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