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Cayman Islands

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Are you considering a trip to Cayman Islands in the Caribbean? This page provides a brief overview of Cayman Islands for first time travelers, including maps of the surrounding islands, live webcams, and average monthly temperatures.

Map of Cayman Islands, Caribbean Islands

The western Caribbean Sea contains the Cayman Islands, which are renowned for their gorgeous beaches, glistening waters, and abundant marine life. One of the most stunning beaches in the Caribbean is Seven Mile Beach, where you may unwind and rest. This immaculate beach, which stretches for kilometers along the western coast of Grand Cayman, features silky white sand, serene blue waters, and breathtaking sunsets. Visit well-known diving locations like as Stingray City, the Kittiwake Wreck, and the Bloody Bay Marine Park on Little Cayman to see colorful coral reefs, shipwrecks, and marine life.

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Visit places like the Cayman Islands National Gallery, Pedro St. James Historic Site, and the National Museum to fully immerse oneself in Caymanian culture and history. Interactive displays and exhibitions teach visitors about the history, culture, and artistic traditions of the islands. Take a tour of the local distilleries to learn about the fascinating history of rum manufacturing in the Cayman Islands for a unique experience. See how rum is made and try several types by going to locations like the Tortuga Rum Company and the Cayman Spirits Co. Distillery.

Savor delectable Caribbean cuisine at roadside cafes, beach bars, and restaurants in the Cayman Islands. Savor regional favorites like jerk chicken, Cayman-style fish, and conch fritters in addition to fresh seafood that is caught in the nearby waters. The Cayman Islands have a lot to offer, from stunning landscapes and oceans to a rich history and cuisine.

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Live Webcams

View live webcams in Cayman Islands and check the current weather, beach activity and enjoy outstanding scenic views and spectacular sunsets. It’s not the same as being here but it’s a great way to daydream from far away!

Cayman Islands Average Temperatures

Wondering what the average weather temperatures are in Cayman Islands? View the average daily highs and lows including the average ocean temperature per month.

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Map of Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands Average Temperatures

Use this weather chart as a guide to view the average air and ocean temperatures in Cayman Islands.

The average air temperature in the summer varies between 85-90 degrees. The spring and fall varies between 80-85 degrees. The average air temperature in the winter varies between 75-80 degrees.

Even during the warmest days, you can expect a slight to moderate ocean breeze to temper the heat. The temperature variations in the Caribbean are surprisingly minimal.

Hurricane season starts in June, ends in November, and peaks in September. Keep up with the latest weather forecasts and warnings from local authorities.

Average Monthly Temperatures

Average High Average Low Average Ocean Temp

Average high, low and ocean temperatures in Cayman Islands. Sources: Accuweather,, NOAA